Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet my BFF…

Well, you may have already met my BFF.  It’s Jean!  Here she is:


My best girlfriend was my mom, Jean.  Here is her picture:

Mimi large

She always wore hoop earrings, black was her favorite color and always had on sunglasses.  She has passed on, and I still miss her all the time…


My other BFF, is Mister.  I know it’s a guy, but Here he is:



Can you see a resemblance?





Thanks to everyone who played today!  It was really fun!  I will be around to visit your site and have a gander at your girls! (Maybe a few more guys will show too!


  1. Yours are fab sweetie!!!
    I think mine are all right for my first attempt, now I will have to make some more.
    Thanks for the fun time and idea.

  2. Too Fun! I didn't get my "Mister" finished in time, but will post him later on a scrapbook page! Have a great weekend! Here's the link to my BFF post:

  3. I just found you after visiting Kim's blog. Love your BFF and your Mister. Simply adorable.

  4. They're both great but I think Mister is fantastic! Love his Harley t-shirt. I posted mine just a bit ago.


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