Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tutorial – My “Girlfriends”

Due to an overwhelming response in my studio posting about my “girlfriends”, I thought I would post about how I made them.  All of them were made from scraps and punches.  That’s the best part.  Here is what you will need:

  • 1/2 inch circle punch – inside of sunglasses
  • 1 inch circle punch – sunglass frames and boobies (you can also use a 1 inch flower punch for the boobies)
  • 1 and 7/8 inch to 2 inch circle punch - head
  • Extra large scallop punch - body
  • Small heart and or circle hole punch for the mouth
  • Various small punches (about 1/2 inch) in shapes such as snowflakes, flowers, etc. – for the hair
  • Flesh colored card stock for the bodies – black for glasses – various other colors as desired
  • Paper scraps
  • Optional:  Gel pens, rhinestones, border punches, tear drop punch for earrings

Here is a photo of them:


I had a lot of fun doing them because you can be as creative as you want. 

OK, let’s get started:

FYI:  I usually do not glue anything until I am absolutely sure I do not want to change anything

  1. Out of the flesh colored card stock punch a body (large scallop punch) and a head (1 and 7/8 to 2 inch circle punch)
  2. If you would like her to wear a dress, use the scallop punch and scrap paper of your choice – the off the shoulder look is created by cutting the top portion of the dress off…bikinis by cutting off most of the dress – you get the idea
  3. Punch 2 -  1 inch circles or 2 - 1 inch flowers for the boobies
  4. For black glasses, cut a 1 inch circle from black card stock and cut the circle in half
  5. If you desire your sun glasses to have frames, use the 1 inch circle punch for the outside rim color and punch a 1/2 circle out of black card stock and cut it in half
  6. Punch a circle or a heart for the mouth
  7. Use various punches for the hair

I will use my friend Jean to demo a few variations…

Girlfriend 1

For Jean I used a silver gel pen and dotted a line across the top of her glasses.  I cut thin strips to make her halter style top.  I used a tear drop shape for her earrings and then used a circle punch to cut the holes to make them look like hoops.  The top of her bikini was made using a border punch.  Various rhinestones were added for decoration.  They fit perfectly on the front of blank cards, to use as bookmarks, or just hang around your creative space and make you smile.  Your imagination will know no limits and you will get to use some of those scraps you have hanging around. (Smile)

That’s it!  You have a new girlfriend!


  1. Thanks for doing the tutorial. I think your girlfriends are just too darn cute for words. And Jean is a knock-out!

  2. Thanks for the tute cause I am lovin those girles.

  3. Hi Queen Bee!..Thanks for checking my blog. When things slow down and I can breathe, I will update everything! Love your blog..Such Fun!
    Until Then,
    Val :-)

  4. Yay so brilliant..they are such charmers and so beautiful! Wonderful!

  5. These are just to darn cute!!!! Oh I love them.I need to try this with my friends. I guess they would be flattered.
    Can't wait to send others here.

  6. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you posted how to make these!! I love it when people share stuff like this......that's why were all here I feel, to share and help each other through this beautiful world. *happy sigh* I love your girlfriends, they are the best! you do such an incredible job!

    Hugs to you internet friend!!

    xoxo, Rena

  7. love these they're great ! :)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think these are so amazingly fantastic. Gotta LOVE your girlfriends...

  9. These girlies are so cute. I must make some myself. Take care.


  10. Thank you for offering the Tutoring class, these girls are very adorable and cute good.


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